Liferay 6.1 EE Release

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The Liferay team is pleased to announce the release of Liferay Portal 6.1 EE! Liferay Portal 6.1 EE gives organizations one complete web platform for social collaboration, web content management, and development tools to create customized solutions.

Here are some notable features to look for in this release:

  • Document sharing through Liferay Sync - Liferay Sync takes the pain out of accessing your files by making them available when you want, wherever you need. With Liferay Sync, documents stored in your Document Library are automatically synced between your mobile, desktop and tablet devices. Since it's synced against your own Liferay deployment - you don't need to worry about security issues that come with public cloud based offerings. There are no file limitations either!
  • Completely revamped Document Library - The Document Library has been significantly improved! We've renamed the Document Library to the Documents and Media Library because we're including all file types - documents, images, videos and other media types into one unified library. Here are some of the new features and benefits of the Documents and Media Library:
    • Automatic previews - Get a sneak peek at all your docs, images and videos before downloading them!
    • Business defined document types - Create your own custom document types to adjust to the unique needs of your business. Any available metadata embedded in the file are automatically extracted as well.
    • Desktop-like experience - We've given the UI a complete overhaul for an optimal experience with improvements such as drag and drop, multiple select, and contextual menus.
  • Code less and do more with Kaleo Forms and Workflow Designer - Kaleo Forms and Workflow Designer allows your business end users to design and deploy workflow based forms. Users can easily adjust their process to the constant changes in business without IT intervention. 
  • Multiple website versions - Need to work on the next version of your website while still maintaining the content on the existing one? No problem. Liferay's enhanced staging feature allows you to simultaneously modify several versions of any site. Multiple content teams can easily create, maintain and publish their version of a site.
  • Lists, lists and more lists - Tired of all those stickies on your monitor? Use Liferay's new Dynamic Data List to capture and share your lists with coworkers.
  • Mobile websites made easy - You've all heard it: Mobile first, web second. More and more users are accessing your website through mobile and tablet devices. Liferay provides the tools to tailor the content and experience of website visitors based on their device.
  • Have it your way with User Customizable Sites - Site administrators can choose certain pages and sections of a page to be personalized by users. Users can choose to add, remove and configure content and applications in the customizable sections while the site administrator controls the fixed areas of a page.
  • Manage a large network of affiliated Sites - Need to manage hundreds of similar cookie-cutter Sites? Liferay Sites created from a Site Template can maintain a link to the template. Any changes made to the template will be applied to any Sites linked to it. This allows a Site administrator to easily update and manage hundreds of affiliated Sites that are linked to the same template.
  • Integrate with your existing document repositories - Have multiple sources of document storage? Unify access to all your document repositories through Liferay. Liferay provides connectors to Sharepoint, Documentum and other CMIS providers.

And much, much more! Liferay 6.1 EE ships with over 100 new features combined with over 400 improvements. Check out our user guide for more information.

If you're ready to give it a try, you can download a trial version here.

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