Using jQuery (or any Javascript library) in Liferay 6.0

 One of the biggest feature requests from Liferay 5.2 was the ability to upgrade the included version of jQuery. Many users would like to use third-party plugins, and most of those require the latest jQuery library (1.4.x as of this writing).

So for 6.0, we solved this a couple of different ways. First, we no longer include jQuery by default. We have rebuilt our UI to run off of AlloyUI which is built on top of YUI3.
By moving off of jQuery, it's also allowed us to step out of the way of developers who wish to  use any version of jQuery that they need without worrying about conflicts with the core portal javascript.
The other way we solved this for the future was by creating our own namespace. Since we're still using a Javascript library (YUI3), we would still have the same risk of conflicts.
So instead of calling YUI() in the portal, we created AUI(). By creating the "AUI" namespace, we are able to guarantee that our environment won't conflict with someone who wants to upgrade their version of YUI3 in the future.
But even though we believe strongly in AlloyUI and YUI3, there are existing applications with codebases on jQuery and porting them over is not always possible.
Or perhaps there is some other Javascript library (such as YUI2, Dojo, qooxdoo, ExtJS, etc) that you need to include for the same reason.
So today, I want to show a couple of ways to include the third-party javascript library into Liferay that you want. I'll be using jQuery, and I'll be using the URL to their "production" version:
There are a couple of ways you can include jQuery onto the page.
Jonas has covered a great way in his blog post on building jQuery portlets in Liferay 6.
First, using the same basic principle, is including it in your portlet.
In your liferay-portlet.xml add this entry:
That will add jQuery 1.4.2 onto the page wherever that portlet happens to be rendered.
Second, the other way is to add it into your theme. Inside of your theme's templates/portal_normal.vm you would add this line in the head of your theme:
<script src=""></script>
This will make jQuery available for everywhere in Liferay, including plugins that you deploy.
Third, you can even use AlloyUI to load up other JS files. This is useful if you can't or don't want to edit either the liferay-portlet.xml or the HTML.
In any Javascript that gets added to the page, you can do:
AUI().use('get', function(A){
    A.Get.script('', {

       onSuccess: function(){
           // jQuery() can be used in here...

Also, I want to point out that for those people who built apps on Liferay with the version of jQuery that was included (1.2.6), and if you would like to continue to use that version and the plugins that were included by default, we have kept that directory in the source for 6.0 as a deprecated fallback.
This allows people who don't want to upgrade the JS portion of their app, they can easily include the previous version.
The way that would look different is that it would just point to the different path, like so:
The path to the previous version is:
/html/js/jquery/jquery.js and the /html/js/jquery/ directory contains all of the plugins from 5.2 that work with jQuery 1.2.6.
I hope that is helpful, and much thanks to Jonas for his blog post about the sample jQuery plugin. And of course, please let me know if there are any questions :)

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