A New Way To Connect With The Liferay Community

We have exciting news about a brand new way you can connect with others in the Liferay Community.
Right now, you have two platforms to share your thoughts and get your questions answered by other community members.
  • Blogs: A great place for sharing stories and writing extensive technical posts or findings.
  • Forums:The ideal place for asking questions to the community about Liferay technology.

But today, we are excited to announce a new communication channel.

  • Chat:This platform will provide a perfect environment for ongoing conversations and quick questions or insights.

Liferay Community Slack Channel Slack is the solution we chose for our chat platform

We are thrilled about this new medium but even more excited to see how this community develops and grows with it. Our hope as the Developer Relations Team is to be mere facilitators and let you all drive the conversation and shape this communication channel.

Your Space

Here's how we are envisioning this new tool to operate.

Channels for each project

There are many projects projects under the Liferay umbrella and we wanted to give a designated space for those interested in each specific one. That's why we created a channel for each Liferay project.

Channels for each user group

We also realize that we have a global community, and so we wanted to give you areas for your user groups so you can chat in your own language and even coordinate meetups!

Liferay Community Slack Channel preview A sneak peak of the new chatroom

So what are you waiting for? Join our Slack Channel



Write a blog post too!

Write a deep dive into how you use Liferay projects in your technology stack. Or let people know useful tips and tricks for a particular functionality. The Liferay community needs you!

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