Liferay University now available

New ways to learn

Good news. Now that Liferay Portal CE 7.1 and Liferay DXP 7.1 are available, your training is also just a fingertip away. No longer do you have to travel far, or juggle your calendar, because these trainings are ready and available whenever you are, at your own pace.

Liferay University is the place where you can find all of Liferay's trainings in a convenient place. And if you can't find what you're looking for today, it's worth coming back in a bit, because more courses and lessons are already in the pipeline - editing those videos and setting it all up takes quite some time.

About the content: The lessons that you find on University are available for free, just log in with your, the one that you use here as well. The "full" courses have their price listed, but if you want to get a special deal for them - we've got you covered as well: Just get a  Liferay Passport and you'll have a flat rate access to all of the trainings offered.

The free lessons, as of today, consist of

  • Mobile Development
  • Building Engaging Websites
  • Digital Asset Management
  • OSGi Basics (featuring yours truly ;) )

...and there are more to come...

Paid courses that are available as of today work on a pre-release of the current 7.1 release, but will be updated soon to the GA release of Liferay DXP 7.1

  • Liferay Fundamentals
  • Content Management
  • Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer

...and there are also more to come...

Of course, if you prefer to have a live trainer in the room: The regular trainings are still available, and are updated to  contain all of the courses that you find on Liferay University and Passport. And, this way (with a trainer, on- or offline) you can book courses for all of the previous versions of Liferay as well.

And, of course, the fine documentation is still available and updated to contain information about the new version already.

(Photo: CC by 2.0 Hamza Butt)

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