Introducing the Liferay Developer Relations team

Liferay evolved from being a single-product company to a much broader organization. Most of the code we write every day is open source and we continue to launch new projects.

As these projects are getting bigger, the communities behind them are gaining momentum as well. Therefore, we needed people that would not only hear, but would also execute in favor of community interests.

That's why we created the Liferay Developer Relations team.

What is our goal?

Our primary focus is to make sure Liferay technologies bring more and more value to developers while fitting nicely in their toolsets. Our mission is to inspire, educate, assist and encourage our community to build the next generation of amazing applications. Our job is to help you be successful!

This means understanding what you're trying to do, learning about your developer experiences and listening to all the feedback you provide! Developer Relations team is here to help you bring ideas and concerns to our engineers, so you can help us improve all these projects for everybody.

Who are the members?

We came up with a multi-cultural team made of well recognized faces in the Liferay community. We have people from different countries, backgrounds, and skills. The main thing we have in common is that we want to help the community succeed.
Keep in mind - we are not "in charge" of the community. For us to have a healthy and vibrant ecosystem, we need everybody to feel responsible for it. We are simply advocates.

Jamie Sammons

Before joining Liferay, Jamie was an active member of the Liferay community, trying out different products, reporting bugs, and participating on special activities.
Because of that, he comes with a good understanding of how we can improve the community in a way that positively and uniquely resonates with them.
Today he fosters community activities, engages with new contributors, and spreads the word about Liferay Portal features.

Jonathan Lundy

From wedding photographer to developer, Jonni decided to give his career path a 180 when he joined Liferay last year and started working on the WeDeploy team.
Since then he has fallen in love with web development, and now devotes his time to promoting, sharing, and contributing to Liferay technologies.
He brings a fresh blood to the team and a different perspective to the onboarding journey.

Milen Dyankov

Milen used to spent most of his time working as a senior consultant and trainer at Liferay.
This role that allowed him to learn a lot while helping some of the biggest European companies engage with their customers, partners, and employees in this rapidly changing digital world.
Now he's traveling the world talking about Java and modularity related aspects, sharing his experience with fellow developers, and collecting important feedback from users.

Zeno Rocha

After working as a front-end engineer for some of the top companies in Brazil, Zeno decided to join Liferay to help our projects on a global scale.
He's been a very active open source developer, building libraries that are widely used around the world and giving over a hundred talks in the last five years. He's also passionate about inspiring other developers and getting them out of the comfort zone.
Today he dedicates most of his time building WeDeploy and improving the developer experience of the whole Liferay ecosystem.

What about you?

We hope this article gives you an idea of how this team can help the community. But the truth is - it's not about us, it's about you!
Is there anything you're struggling with? Do you have ideas on how to make our community even more awesome? We would love to hear how can we help you.
Feel free to reach us out at

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