Liferay Devcon 2015 recovery

I'm slowly back to my regular sleep rhythm, after the highly anticipated sleep deprivation week that Devcon always is. Those ~450 participants that were there and made it the biggest and greatest Devcon so far will have seen that Liferay becomes a lot more serious in terms of messaging while still staying accessible on all levels. I've seen lots of connections being made and can attest that Liferay seems to be one of the companies and products with the most accessible team in the background.

Project Managers, Engineers, Supporters, Consultants, Legal- and Sales-people have been available for customers and community. They gave information about the current product, the roadmap and collected feedback and new ideas for future versions.

We've started with the always informal and extremely productive unconference at day 0 - this format was offered for the third time and was sold out long before the event. If you want to participate next year: Be sure to register as early as possible. If you don't know what to expect at an unconference: Come and see for yourself - prepare to be surprised.

For the first time ever we also had to close the community meetup registration in order to guarantee enough space for everyone and enough air to breathe. Sorry for that to those that weren't able to come, take this as a hint that early registration really helps us to plan for such an event.

This year we introduced a new Priority Check In, welcoming Liferay Certified Developers on the red carpet they deserved, and several goodies. We'll make it even more priority next year, promised. If nothing else - take this as a motivation to be certified as a Liferay Developer before you come to Devcon next year.

Devcon itself was the biggest (by quantity as well as quality) Devcon we had so far. 450 attendees and long two days of sessions and workshops. You can find all of them in the agenda - very soon the slides and videos will be available as well.

Octoberfest, the big party at Devcon, was fun. And while James is still uncertain if there was some hidden agenda with his barrel-opening, he did a great job. Here's what could also have happened

In case you had to leave before the raffle, nothing bad has happened to you: All the winners were still present and while you missed some great content in the end, at least you didn't miss the additional luggage. I'm still wondering how some of the winners transported their prices back home.

Would you like to re-live Devcon? I want to, as I've missed so many presentations. You'll find some summary in the tweets, hashtagged with #LRDevcon, also there's a flickr-album and I'm sure that you'll find other resources. Stay tuned for the Recap Site, which will be updated once all the material is ready and the video recordings are postprocessed. I've recorded several episodes for Radio Liferay, which will be published during the next weeks.

If you have more photos that you took during the event, please upload them through the app and they'll appear in the flickr stream.

And if you missed the event due to continental restrictions, consider to come to the North American Symposium in November in Chicago or Brazil Symposium in São Paulo. If it were only national restrictions we have more european options with technical sessions this year in Spain, UK and Italy. Or just keep updated on everything - business and technical - on our events page.

Thank you

A big Thank You goes to the team that made this all possible. If you want to express your gratitude, flood @PBrusset and @Thirelu with your thank-you-tweets (or postcards to the german office) - Pascal and Ruth did the heavy lifting, supported by a big team. They will forward your notes to the whole team.

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