Liferay Faces downloads at an all time high

I'm happy to report that according to the following graph from Maven Central, the download stats for Liferay Faces are trending upward. In fact, our downloads have approximately doubled with an all time high surpassing 11,000 downloads/month!
The download stats encompass all artifacts such as:
  • Liferay Faces Bridge API
  • Liferay Faces Bridge Impl
  • Liferay Faces Bridge Ext
  • Liferay Faces Alloy
  • Liferay Faces Portal
  • Liferay Faces Util
  • Demo portlets
  • Parent pom.xml descriptors
What's more is that fine-grained download stats show that JSF 2.2 + Liferay 7.0 is the strongest adoption of JSF within Liferay since we started back in 2012.
I would like to personally thank Vernon Singleton, Kyle Stiemann, Cody Hoag, Philip WhiteJuan Gonzalez, and everyone else who has helped make Liferay Faces such a successful project over the years. Also thanks to our faithful JSF community that keeps in close contact with us via the Liferay Faces forums. Well done all!

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