New Liferay IntelliJ Plugin Released

Hello all,

Today we are pleased to announce the official release of Liferay IntelliJ Plugin. Liferay IntelliJ Plugin is a plugin for Jetbrains IntelliJ to support developing Liferay components.

For customers, they can download Liferay IntelliJ Plugin here. You may refer to the following installation steps:

  • Click on Configure > Plugins > Install plugin from disk...
  • Point to the downloaded zip file > Click on OK button > Restart

The key features for this release are:


  • Creating Liferay Workspaces (maven and gradle based)
  • Creating Liferay Modules (maven and gradle based)
  • Liferay Tomcat Server support for deployment, debugging,
  • Add line markers for each entity in service editor
  • Editing support for bnd.bnd files and XML
    • Support for syntax checking, highlighting and hyperlink
    • Support for auto code completion


Special Thanks

Thanks so much to Dominik Marks on code completion features.


Liferay Workspace Support

To create a Liferay workspace, click File > New > Project... > Select Liferay and choose your liferay workspace type.


Installing a Liferay Server

Liferay server is located in bundles folder under your liferay workspace. And it's defined in file.


Creating a Liferay Module and Deploy

Creating liferay modules requires an existing liferay workspace. Once you have created a new module project, select Liferay > Deploy.


Add line markers for each entity in service editor


Editing bnd.bnd and XML files(highlighting and code completions in Editor)

Here are some captured screenshots about syntax highlighting, code completion and hyperlink.



If you run into any issues or have any suggestions please come find us on our community forums or report them on JIRA (IDE project), we are always around to try to help you out. Good luck!

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