YUI, Liferay, and the future

As many of you may have read, Yahoo is immediately stopping development on the YUI library.

This decision, while it will have a significant impact, is not news to us. Given our close relationship with the YUI team, we knew this was coming, and have been discussing for a couple of months different plans of action.

In the spirit of transparency, I do want to say that we don't yet have an official direction decided, but we are looking at all of our options, as well as discussing with our partners, and other companies/organizations with a vested interest in keeping YUI alive.

I'd like to address two things in this blog post: what this means for existing EE customers, and what options are we looking towards.


What does this mean for existing EE customers?

Nothing will change for our existing customers. We have long had a fork of YUI that we apply our patches and changes to, and we will continue to deliver bug fixes and needed changes for as long as that version of EE is supported.


What options are we looking towards?

I'd like to list off a few options that we're discussing, partially to reinforce that we are seriously thinking about it, but also to solicit feedback and ideas regarding your needs or concerns.

Of course, the most obvious possibility is to take over stewardship of YUI, whether that is us on our own, or with any number of the other large companies that leverage YUI heavily.

Another possibility is to of course migrate off of YUI, and while still keeping AlloyUI as the wrapping library, but move to some other library internally, and still keep the functionality as close as possible.

One more idea we've discussed is to possibly take our fork of YUI, and branch off a next generation version, like a YUI4, that cleans out the legacy code, streamlining and simplifying the library.

Ultimately, we want to take the path that best serves our community and clients, and helps deliver amazing experiences as quickly and easily as possible.

As we get more info, and have more info to provide, we'll make sure to keep you in the loop on the path we're going to go with.

If you have ideas, thoughts, concerns or questions, don't hesitate to let us know.

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