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    1. Installation / Deployment / Setup

    Post questions on getting your ext environment setup or configuration issues with database, webapps, and such here.
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    2. Using Liferay

    General functionality of the portlets in the portal, management of the portal, common structure of the portal entities, etc. from the user point of view
    2 Subcategories 13 Threads
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    3. Development

    Relevant topics: Developing new portlets, extending Liferay portlets, and using the EXT Environment.
    0 Subcategories 36963 Threads
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    4. Custom Theme Development

    Discuss topics related to custom theme development here, such as css, velocity, etc. If you have questions regarding theme installation, please post to the Installation category.
    5 Subcategories 8 Threads
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    6. Portal Framework

    Relevant topics: Integration, security, LDAP, web services, ServiceBuilder, business tier, Hibernate.
    0 Subcategories 2467 Threads
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    7. Suggestions and Feature Requests

    Have great ideas and requests for Liferay Portal? Discuss them here!
    1 Subcategory 707 Threads
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    8. Third Party Application Integration

    Discussion on integration with Alfresco, Intalio, Pentaho, ICEfaces, JasperReports, or other third party applications
    3 Subcategories 8 Threads
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    9. Announcements

    Check here for the latest information pertaining to the Liferay community.
    0 Subcategories 202 Threads
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    A. Liferay's Community

    Questions and suggestions about the community wiki, forums, plugins repositories, JIRA, etc. Also, how to get the best out of Liferay's community and be a part of it.
    10 Subcategories 260 Threads
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    B. Migrating to Liferay from other products

    Threads about migrating to Liferay from products by Sun, Oracle, BEA, Plumtree, UPortal, Peoplesoft, etc.
    0 Subcategories 86 Threads
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    C. UX Interest Group

    This is a category for anyone interested in UX. Use this category to discuss about UI and usability for applications built on top of Liferay, suggestions, best practices, or even request for improvements for Liferay Portal itself
    0 Subcategories 16 Threads
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    Liferay Core Development & Contributions

    This category functions as a traditional "developers mailing list" for discussing the development of the Liferay core. To limit traffic, only Liferay core developers can post new threads to this category. Anyone can read or reply to an existing thread. Subcategories are available to propose and discuss about some specific topics such as accessibility, translations and contributions.
    5 Subcategories 2 Threads
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    Liferay Legacy

    Posting of new threads has been disabled for this category. Replies to existing threads is still allowed so conversations can continue. Please use the new section with categories for all new posts.
    0 Subcategories 12280 Threads
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    x. Miscellaneous

    For all questions that don't fall into the above categories.
    0 Subcategories 700 Threads
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