Liferay 7 Alpha 2 - Getting closer to beta


We continue our path towards releasing Liferay 7 with a new alpha release that focuses on fixing bugs and small improvements. This release fixes 254 bugs since Alpha 1 and adds +100 small improvements.

During this time we have also had the opportunity to present Liferay 7 twice: first in Germany during DevCon and later in Spain during the Spain Symposium. We are super grateful with the very positive feedback of this new version, its features and the significant architectural improvements to make Liferay (and your developments) much more modular. If you didn’t have a chance to attend any of these two events, don’t worry because you will have more opportunities. Coming next we have events in London (later this week), Florence, Italy (next week), Chicago (can’t miss this one if you live in the US!), Viena, Austria and Sao Paulo, Brazil (another great opportunity to meet many Liferay developers).

During these events and through the Community Expedition (you are already enrolled, right?) we are receiving tons of feedback and we are working hard to satisfy as much of it as we can. Here are some key aspects that we are focusing on, highlighting what you can already see in this Alpha release:

  1. Product Menu: We’ve received a lot of good feedback on the new product menu but we have also realized that it can be a bit confusing, especially at first. We have been playing around with several variations and testing them internally. In Alpha 2 you can see some small improvements based on the conclusions from these tests, such as moving the control bar to the top.
    More improvements will come in upcoming releases.

  2. More application redesigns based on Lexicon: We keep working on new designs for the out of the box applications. In this release Dynamic Data Lists, Structures, Templates and the new Image Selector debut a new Lexicon based design.

    We are currently working on the rest of the portlets in site administration as well as the user administration portlets.

  3. Data upgrades: Alpha 2 includes a new upgrade framework that we have created to provide more control over the upgrade process and increase reliability. Most of our portlets have already been updated to use the new framework so if you consider yourself brave enough you can go ahead and try to upgrade your existing site(s). If you do, please give us your feedback. One of the great benefits of this new framework is that it will be possible to execute the upgrade for each module independently, check the status, re-run it as many times as desired, etc. This will be especially useful in portals with tons of data.


Ready to download it? Get Liferay 7 Alpha 2 now from sourceforge, and let us know what you think.


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