angle-left IDE Installation Instructions


Install Liferay IDE

Latest release: 3.1.2 GA3 (September 2017)

Supports Eclipse 4.5 or greater and Liferay Portal 7.0 and greater.

Using Eclipse Marketplace

Drag and drop this install button onto your running Eclipse:

Drag to your running Eclipse workspace.

OR... Using an Update site

  1. From the Help menu select Install New Software...
  2. Paste one of the following URLs into this field

Other Downloads

For your convenience we have created several zip files that contain the latest Eclipse JavaEE package with Liferay IDE pre-installed.

Liferay Developer Studio

Liferay Developer Studio is a productized extension of Liferay IDE and it provides an all-in-one, integrated development environment for building apps and modules for Liferay Digital Experience Platform.