By Victor Valle | July 13, 2017

Announcing the new Lexicon and Clay

Lexicon was born as a project to bring consistency in terms of visual appearance and behavior within the Liferay product ecosystem.

When we first launched, it included not only the design language, but also the code implementation of that language. Because everything was mixed together, there was some confusion between designers and developers.

That's why today we would like to announce that we're separating those pieces and launching new sites for both.

What is Lexicon now?

Lexicon is a design language that provides a common framework for building interfaces. It's basically a guide to design principles that can create a satisfactory and unified experience to its users.

New Lexicon Site

The construction of Lexicon is based on Atomic Design, a work methodology based on modularity. It seeks to give a more hierarchical and organized logic to the creation of interface design systems.

So what is Clay?

Clay is a web implementation of Lexicon. It's built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript with Bootstrap as a foundation. It's open source too and you can find the entire codebase available on GitHub.

New Clay Site

What now?

As Lexicon and Clay continue to evolve with new patterns and documentation, we welcome your feedback. Go ahead, try them out, play around with them, and discover what they can do.

We look forward to see what you're going to build.