By Robin Wolstenholme | September 6, 2017

Four reasons why DEVCON 2017 will shake your foundations

This October, in Amsterdam we will shed light on the latest steps on this journey with improvements that reflect Liferay’s tremendous power as a platform for managing cutting edge digital engagement. Here’s are the themes that you can expect.


We seek RESTful glory

One of the biggest strengths of Liferay Portal is its ability to integrate with an infinite number of data sources and transactional APIs. From our conversations with the Liferay Community and business, it’s clear we can solve some major headaches by evolving Liferay APIs so they are a joy for consumers to work with - inspired in no small measure by the Richardson Maturity Model.

We can’t wait to explore this with you at DEVCON, but it will mean that our back-end services will be easy to access from any independent front-end interface or application. Imagine the possibilities - you will be able to hook into digital kiosks, mobile apps, web apps, and even chat interfaces such as China’s ubiquitous WeChat app with an optimised hypermedia API.

Designer-friendly components

Sometimes it’s not enough to say "you can do beautiful front ends in Liferay". When a UX designer discovers they can borrow from Lexicon, Metal.js or simply used native Bootstrap it helps, but then they start designing a single page application and say “do we need these portlets” - ouch!

We’re a portal right? Well yes, but why not let designers build sites the way they want?

We are enriching the Liferay Portal content management system to support the needs of any modern websites, particularly marketing use cases. At DEVCON, we will explain why we will no longer require the use of portlets for web pages and how we will make it easier for graphic designers and front-end developers to create the pixel-perfect UI they envision using static and dynamic content components that can be reused by marketers managing content.

For example, Designers will be provided a new tool to create Page Templates that will make it quicker and easier to produce beautiful scrolling Single page homepages, Landing pages or Ecommerce products that are optimised for search engines.

Rest assured, portlets aren’t going any time soon. They will be supported in parallel offering the best of both worlds.

Deeply personal analytics

Today everything is measured, and we know from Community forums and Meetups there’s a lot more we can do to help you build applications, tell you more about the user and how they can be better served. We are working on an analytics framework that will work across every area of the platform, allowing for metrics and reporting to connect across the entire customer journey and business process.

This will be complemented by a personalization, testing, and optimization framework that will lead to fully individualized experiences that learn a user's needs over time. Yes - you are reading machine learning - and we will share more of our plans at DEVCON.

What about cloud?

In case you missed it Eduardo, Zeno and the team have been busy overhauling our cloud deployment service - WeDeploy. We have invested heavily in WeDeploy and migrated the infrastructure to AWS with huge gains in stability and of course scalability.

We are also investing in cloud-based services as part of Liferay DXP, and we will share some of the lessons we have learned in making our on-premise platform work well with cloud-based services.

Picturesque Amsterdam

There’s never been a better time to get involved in the open source Community ahead of DEVCON. The newly launched Liferay Community Slack channel or Twitter #LRDEVCON are easy ways to make some new connections and to start conversations that you can pick up over a beer in Amsterdam. Don’t forget to say hello to the new Developer Relations team and introduce yourself, and you might even find yourself contributing to one of the 97+ repos on Github!

It’s time to book your tickets. The Unconference has already sold out on the 4th October, and tickets are going fast so now’s the time to book your tickets and hotels. There’s a 55% discount for Liferay partners, 50% for Liferay customers, and discounts for non-profits, education, groups and alumni (if you’re not already registered).