By Milen Dyankov | September 28, 2017

Liferay Community Site Update

When we launched this site, we made it clear it was a "new beginning with huge potential to grow quickly." Today I'm pleased to announce four new features that we hope will make this site more useful and interactive!

Social sharing

Social icons

Simplest things first! We just made it easier for you to share the articles you like with your social network. I'm not gonna waste your time trying to make it bigger news than it is. Enough to say, you can find these icons below any article! I trust you know how they work :)

News feed

As much as you may love Liferay projects, you are unlikely to check for recent news nearly as frequent as you check your email. But don't worry, you are not going to miss any news or be the last to read it anymore. We just added a news feed that you can subscribe to.

Project page

Simply point your favorite news reader to and it should be able to automatically figure it all out. If for some reason it doesn't, the direct link to the feed is


So far, this website has only been allowed information to pass in a single direction - from us to you. We made it clear from the very beginning we don't want that to be the case for too long so as of now, it no longer is! At the end of every article you'll find the new comments section.

Project page

Feel free, well actually no, feel encouraged to comment on everything we post here. Your feedback is important to us! If you don't want to do it publicly, keep in mind you can always reach us at

Project pages

Finally, the biggest addition in this release - project pages!

Project page

We built a brand new page for each of our projects. This page also provides direct links to the things most people need such as downloads, documentation, issue tracker, forum discussions, chat, etc. We also listed the most socially active people behind each project to make it easier for you to discover and follow them.

It's your turn

We'll have more exciting news shortly! Meanwhile go ahead and share, subscribe, comment and explore our open source projects!